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Gator Truck Sales – Blog

Why Gator, Where Did That Come From?

So after three years in business as Gator Truck Sales I’ve been asked many times, “why Gator, where did that come from?”

So the name Gator actually transpired from a nick name I was given years ago, Wally. I was vacationing with friends from the gym and at the time I was the only married one of the group. My friends thought I’d be like the “Wally Cleaver (from the show Leave it to Beaver)” of the bunch, the innocent one. After years of being known as Wally, one of my friends started calling me Wally Gator, like the cartoon character from back in the early 60’s. He called me that several times and even got me a Wally Gator t-shirt. That same friend has called me just “Gator” several times but the Wally nick name has stuck with most friends. I even have friends and parents of friends that don’t even know my real name is Brian.

So, long story short, I took the Gator and used that to start the business.

Stop in to see Brian, Wally or Gator, all three of us are here to help you!

Introductory Blog

After many years of selling trucks, learning a great deal and having fun doing it, I’m very excited to have launched my own used truck dealership. Gator Truck Sales opened officially October 1, 2014 and is focused on selling used semi tractors, including daycab semi tractors and sleeper semi tractors, semi trailers and a variety of other equipment based on the needs of our customers. Gator Truck Sales is an independent dealership focused on the customer that may also be starting a business by selling lower cost, high quality heavy duty trucks and trailers. The majority of what we sell is fleet maintained equipment to give the customer the peace of mind their truck has been maintained to high standards.

We are conveniently located off Exit 17 on Interstate 78 (the big brown barn with all the used trucks parked around it) and we are growing the inventory daily. We started with 5 trucks in October 2014 , we have over 40 in stock today and we are working to double the inventory to give you, our customer, more options to purchase.

We will purchase trucks out right if you have the need to sell, we trade trucks and we have finance companies in place to help you get the funds you may need for your purchase.

We look forward to helping you start your business fulfilling your dream or would love to help your business grow by adding assets to your existing fleet.

Stop in and see Brian soon!